We want to make it easy to be physically active so that people anywhere can be fitter and healthier, and we want to empower the people best equipped to make movement happen. 

It's crazy to us that physical inactivity is such a massive issue (the World Health Organisation reports 3.2 million deaths per year due to inactivity 😯).

What makes things crazier is the fact that so many fitness professionals leave the industry due to lack of work.  Industry reports put the rate at over 90% in a two year period.  Staggering.

So, we looked at why.

A bunch of reasons can be narrowed down to:

  • People are time poor (or think they are).

  • People now expect on-demand for everything.

  • Getting to a gym or trainer takes time and effort.

  • Fitness apps are easy to download but are mostly ineffective, as they stop getting used pretty quickly,

So, we looked at how.

  • We want to get more than 10 million people moving each year.

  • We want them to move well, keep moving and enjoy it.

  • We want to connect people to experts.

  • We want to help experts build successful business, so they can help more people. 🤝

We knew that creating a great platform would only be the start.  We needed to create a platform which uses technology to connect people, which in turn would enable exercise.

So we did.

We've created a platform which enables fitness professionals to train people 1-1, in groups or en masse.

Our patent pending design means that instruction is clear and simple to provide, and also to follow.

It's not practical to always be in a location with perfect light and sound levels, which is why we've made it possible to train people from anywhere.   

Workouts can be structured, which makes progressions much easier and more effective.  They can also be edited on the fly, mimicking the micro decisions which happen in an effective  face-to-face workout. 

Give it a go.  Let us know what you think. 👍

Thanks for reading about why we've created Welcome Fit.  We hope you give us a try and love your experience.  Either way, your feedback will help us continually improve.

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