Welcome Fit enables trainers to change views according to the situation and cueing required.  Let's take a look:  

The trainer controls the viewing experience

Just like an in-person workout, the trainer in Welcome Fit is in control of the exercise order and pace.

The participant sees the same view as the trainer.


Just like normal video chat.  Face to Face is a great way to say hi and to complete the session.

The participant can see themselves in the main screen, which is an effective way to improve technique, as they can see themselves move and hear your guidance.  

Clicking the exercise icon will play the exercise on a constant loop until the trainer selects a different view or moves on to the next exercise.

Remember, the participant will see this as full screen too, so it's a great way to demonstrate an exercise.  

The trainer can toggle themselves to be full screen, enabling specific feedback on technique or to provide a variation of the current exercise. 

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