You can invite clients to join your 'team' in Welcome Fit, meaning they are available for you to invite to workouts.

There are two ways to invite clients:

  1.  Using Social Media or Instant Messaging.

  2. Using an email address

Resource:  We've created a kit to help you launch your new online business.

Inviting via Social or Instant Messaging:

  • Go to your 'Profile' page and select 'Team Management'.

  • Copy your team's unique code.

  • Send it to your client along with a link to our website:

Inviting using an email address:

  • Click the Green '+New' button and select 'Invite New Member', or;

  • From your team management page, click 'Invite New Member'.

  • Enter the client's details and hit 'Send Invite'.

Tip:  Once you have sent the invite, you will immediately be able to schedule a session for the client.  

Now start inviting and grow your online fitness business! 😀


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