You can change the exercise values as you go.  It's easy to 'Skip' it, change reps/time or 'Mark as Complete' (refer to the image below).

New exercises can also be added to live sessions by clicking 'Edit Workout' and will appear at the end of the planned workout.

Changes before a workout starts:

If you've scheduled a workout and want to make changes, you can edit from your dashboard, or in the workout itself.

  1.  Click on the three dots on the right.  Next to the 'Upcoming or Start Session' button (it changes once the session time approaches).

  2. Click on View & Edit Booking.

  3. Make the required to changes to the time, date, duration or click 'edit workout' to change the planned exercise details.

  4. You can adjust any of the exercise components:

  • Add or remove an exercise

  • Drag and drop to change the exercise order.

  • Reps, Time, Sides.

  • # Circuits

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