Business subscribers can add staff to join your 'team' in Welcome Fit, meaning they are available to train clients, add exercises and invite new clients.

There are two ways to invite staff:

  1.  Using Social Media or Instant Messaging.

  2. Using an email address

Inviting via Social or Instant Messaging:

  • Go to your 'Profile' page and select 'Team Management'.

  • Copy your team's unique code.

  • Send it to your staff member along with a link to our website:

Inviting using an email address:

  • From your team management page, click 'Invite New Member'.

  • Select 'Trainer' and click admin if you want to assign admin rights.

  • Enter the staff member's details and hit 'Send Invite'.

Now start inviting and grow your online fitness business! 😎

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