Trainers and coaches are able to set their own pricing for workouts. ¬†ūüí≥
The default currency is USD, however it's also possible to list pricing in AUD, NZD, GBP and EUR.

You are welcome to manage payments offline and make sessions free in Welcome Fit.  The choice is yours, however to be fair to all trainers, and to maintain sensible pricing, our public session page will not list free sessions, you must .

For fee based workouts, the participant is required to enter their payment details when confirming a booking.  

The workout fee will be charged once the session is completed (by the trainer using the 'end workout' button).

The trainer will receive their payment directly from Stripe, a global payment gateway.

Late Cancellations and No Shows:  Participants will not be charged if you cancel with at least 6 hours notice.  Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged, as the trainer will not be able to replace the time you had reserved.

Welcome Fit does not store or manage any payment details.  All payments are managed by Stripe, which is the most secure way.

Payments will be subject to Stripe's own fees, which can be viewed here and which Stripe will deduct prior to settling with the trainer/coach.

From October, Welcome Fit will not charge any payment fee.  Trainers will be charged a flat session fee based on their subscription.  

More about payments:

  • The default currency is currently USD

  • International clients can pay using their own currency, and Trainers will receive the currency nominated with Stripe.

  • Stripe will send you a notification when your first payment happens.

  • To receive notifications for each payment, you will need to set your settings in Stripe.¬†

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