Welcome Fit's structured. live training extends to group sessions.

Group workouts are available to subscribers, and are not accessible to trainers on the free plan.

Group Workouts will appear in your team's schedule, which is viewable to all of your clients.  More on the leveraging the schedule page here.

To establish a group session:

  • Click on 'New Booking' and select 'Group Workout'.

  • Select the date, time and duration.

  • Add a workout.  You can use a template, your own saved workout, a previously completed workout or build as you go.

  • Select whether or not you want a landing page generated for the workout (more on this below).

  • Select clients to invite (you can proceed without inviting clients).

  • Adjust your session fee (if you have activated pricing in your profile).

  • Click 'Create Booking'.

If you invited specific clients, they will receive an email notification and an event will appear in their Welcome Fit dashboard.

As clients confirm their place in your group, the number of available spots displayed in your dashboard will change, so you'll always know when to make an extra push to fill a session.

As clients join the live session, your screen will automatically adjust to the number of attendees.  You'll also see the name of each client.

Clients can only see themselves when you are using 'mirror view', they cannot see the rest of the group.

Landing Page:

You have the option to generate a landing page for a group workout.

A landing page enables you (and your clients) to share your live, online group workout via social media, and fill the session.

New clients can register and join your session straight form the landing page.

More information about Landing Pages can be found here.


All of your clients can see your scheduled group sessions.  You can choose to invite clients directly to a specific workout when creating the session, or you can send out a weekly newsletter which points them to your schedule page.

All landing page content is included in your schedule page (image, description, time, date, price).

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