We want to help you grow your online fitness business.

To help you acquire clients from anywhere, we provide you with the ability to create landing pages for each live group workout, which can be shared across social media.

Any participant who registers for your workout will be automatically assigned to your 'team' in Welcome Fit.

Tip:  Landing pages for group sessions with vacant spots are a great way to onboard clients without needing to do mass emails with no real call to action.

Landing Pages can be created when you are scheduling the session.

Landing Page.  Editable Fields:

  • Image:   Add your own square image.
  • Caption:  Add a caption / sub heading.
  • Description:  A short and punchy description to help people know what to expect, and to sign up!

Your profile image, logo, business name, social accounts, time, date, price and the workout name will be loaded automatically.

Inviting Specific Participants:  If you are setting up a group session for regular clients, you can toggle landing pages off when creating the booking, and invite them directly when scheduling.


Once your landing page is created, share it!  People can re-post it and you can acquire clients from anywhere.

It will also appear in the schedule of your client base, so they can browse and register:

We hope this helps you grow! 👍

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