Here's some tips to help you prepare for a great online workout.

Assuming you have an internet enabled computer or mobile, the first and most important thing to prepare for an online workout is enough space.   

You should be able to to 2 walking lunges, a star jump and floor exercises without having to worry about bumping your head into furniture or hitting light fixtures!

Not all browsers are equal, especially when it comes to live streaming, so the next step is to select the best browser for your device: 

On Macs you can use Chrome or Safari.
On Android and PC, use Chrome or Firefox.  
On iPhone and iPads, it's best to use Safari.  

Note for Safari + iPhone users
If you can't hear your trainer once a session has started, simply touch the middle of your screen and the sound will start.  

The cause is a new bug in Safari which prevents the sound from loading properly.  We're tracking this with Apple. 

Activate Your Camera and Microphone:

If prompted, make sure you 'Allow' Welcome Fit to access your camera and microphone.  That way, you will be able to communicate with your trainer, and they can coach you.

Asking a question in a broadcast:

In a broadcast, you can 'raise your hand' to ask a question.  Your host is able to bring you into the live stream, so you can interact directly!  

Since you're then part of the live stream, everyone can see and hear you.

If you don't want to be brought into the live stream, you can select 'private mode', which prevents the host from including you.

Distance from your computer or device:

Your trainer will get the best view of you if there is about 2-3m of space between yourself and your camera, however 1-2m will work fine, especially for Pilates and floor based sessions.

Pilates participants should have something comfortable to lie on and use, such as a workout mat, a rug or carpet.

Aside from that, have a water bottle handy, a towel if you think you'll sweat and enjoy yourself! 💦

Mirror your screen to a TV:

Using Chromecast or Airplay is highly recommended if your TV is in a convenient location.  It looks awesome!


If your camera or microphone isn't working, try refreshing your browser.

If that didn't work, try closing your browser completely, re-open it and log back in to your workout. Remember to click 'Allow' if prompted.

If you continue to have problems, it likely that an extension is blocking your camera or mic.  Contact us and we will help resolve the issue.

⭐️ Using Safari on an iPhone?  

  1. You might see your browser bar appear during a workout.  If it annoys you, learn how to remove the browser bar here

  2. If you can't hear your trainer, touch the middle of your screen.  It should activate sound (and make sure your volume is up!). 

More about online workouts:
'Getting Started with Online Workouts'.

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