Welcome to Welcome Fit! It's great to have you on-board. 

We've created a seperate guide for participants who are new to online workouts.  If you're a participant,  here's something just for you, if you're a coach, read on!   

I'm sure you're eager to start training clients, and this article will provide an overview of the most important steps, ensuring you make the most of Welcome Fit from the start. 

There's a lot more information on our main help page if you have further questions.

Please check out the brief intro video below and then follow the 5 key actions which you can take to make the most out of Welcome Fit.

Here is a quick screen recording to see where to do each step. There are more detailed links for each action further down the page.

5 steps to get started:

  1. Play a workout:  A great way to get moving quickly, and also to get used to Welcome Fit without it being a live session. 

  2. Create a workout:  Use our exercise library and/or upload your own and build your own workout.  You can then use it for live sessions or assign it for clients to do solo.

  3. Invite clients:  Critical for getting people moving!  Invite via email or by sharing your unique team code.  

  4. Schedule sessions:  Schedule workouts which your clients can review and join.  You can also invite specific people to groups or 1-1's.

  5. Complete a live workout:  It's super easy to do as a coach and a great experience for participants.

Learn More:  Here's some more tips for coaches.

We're here to help, so contact us anytime using the intercom icon and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Happy Exercising! 

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