Coaches and Participants:

Adding a profile picture is a nice touch, as it's used for all scheduled sessions.  Rather than see a blank icon, it's so much better to see someone's smiling face!

How?  Click your name in the top right >> Profile

Coaches Only:

You also have a business profile where you can add a logo, add social media accounts and invite staff and clients.  

Where? Click on your name (top right) >> Profile >> Team Management

  • Add a logo:  Click on the team logo and upload you own.  A square image is best.  Your logo will appear in the top left corner of all workout screens for your clients 😎.
  • Add Social Media Accounts to be included in landing pages (which can be created for group workouts).  Your social accounts make it possible for a new prospect to get to know you better and hopefully confirm a spot in your scheduled session.  🌠

Add Pricing:

Connect to Stripe to receive payments from clients.

Where?  Click on your name (top right) >> Profile >> Pricing Management

Once you have connected to Stripe, you can set your default fees (or leave them blank).  

Default fees can be overridden whenever you're creating a new booking.  e.g. your default fee is $75 but your client paid you cash in-person.  You can set the session fee to 0.

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