There will be situations when a live workout isn't possible, but there's still a way to support your clients and keep them moving.  

Assign a workout to them, send it to them with instructions or a short note of encouragement.  Re-connect when they're back.

Assigning a workout:

  • Select a custom workout (from 'My Workouts' or 'Team Workouts')

  • 'Assign to clients'

  • Select the client(s) and add a note

  • The selected clients receive an email with your note, and the workout appears in their 'My Workouts'.

  • You can 'unassign' a workout when required.

Sharing a workout:

A custom workout can also be shared with everyone in your team.

  • Click the workout

  • Toggle 'Not visible to Team' to 'Visible to Team'

Then toggled 'ON', all clients and coaches will have access to the workout in 'Team Workouts'.

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