Custom workouts can be assigned to specific clients, shared with team members and used to create bookings.  

Here's a video building a workout from scratch:

Step-by-Step guide to create a workout:

  • → Click Workouts
  • → Click 'Create New Workout'
  • Give your workout a name (this is displayed in bookings and in landing pages)
  • Choose a template to start from:  'Build As You Go' is a blank canvas.
  • → Drag and drop Warm Up, Exercises and Rest as required
  • Filter to find the exercise you want and click 'add'.  Repeat.
  • Group exercises to create supersets.
  • The workout time will auto calculate if all exercises are time based (vs assigning a number of reps)
  • Click 'Save' and it will appear in 'My Workouts'

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