Your profile page makes it possible for clients to book workouts with you in 1-click.

It's shareable so your social network and existing clients can spread the word about how awesome your are.  Think of it as your digital business card

Let's take a look at how to set it up, and how to use it to work the hours you want.

⭐️ Let's set it up:

Go to your Profile Page:

  • Add a profile picture if you haven't already, as this will appear on all bookings and confirmations.  It should be a headshot of you and your personality 🕺.  

Insight: Booking conversion (especially new clients) increases significantly when a trainer has a profile picture.  

⭐️ Let's now complete the fields:

Area of expertise:  Select the types of workouts you provide.  Stick to your strengths to maximise client satisfaction and your ratings.

Qualification:  Free text.  Add rows as required.  Please be honest here.

Title: You can add anything here.  This helps with credibility.  '10 year PT Veteran', 'High Energy Motivator', 'My PT Business CEO'...

Caption:  Appears under your name.  This is a great way to add some personality and give potential clients a feel for who you are, your values and your approach to your craft.  You caption also appears in public search listings (see below), which launch in October.

About Me:  Provide a short narrative about you as a fitness professional.  Why do you do what you do?  How did you decide to pursue a career in fitness?  Tell your story so people can relate to you and increase your chances of conversion. 🧘

Promo Image:  Different to your profile image, your promo image appears in public searches (from October), and should be a visual representation of what clients can expect from your workouts (see below).  Action shots showing movement and energy are best.

Social Accounts: Add your social profiles so curious clients can learn more about you and follow your social channels.  Remember to follow Welcome Fit, and mention us in your posts so we can follow you and your progress 🤳.

⭐️Important⭐️ List Your Pricing and Availability :

Nominate your pricing and availability and we'll automatically list sessions for you in your bio (and soon in our public search).  Clients can immediately book sessions with you at the times you nominate.  More details on availability.

📆 Google Calendar:
Google Calendar Integration - update your Welcome Fit calendar without even logging in.  If something pops up, simply cancel the vacant session using your preferred calendar, and it will automatically be removed form your availability.

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