Adding/Inviting a client to a session:

  • Click the edit icon to the right of the session you want to edit, and click 'Edit Booking':

  • Select a client(s) from your list and CLICK SAVE.  This will send them an invite.

  • If you don't have the relevant client in your list, copy your landing page link (from your dashboard) and send it to them via email or any messenger app.

Add or Edit a Workout for a scheduled session:

  • Click on edit session form your dashboard.

  • Add a workout by clicking 'edit workout', and selecting a workout you've saved or you can use a default template.  

  • If required, you can then add exercises manually or make adjustments to your workout template to customise the session for your client.  CLICK SAVE.


  • Invited clients or someone opening the link will see your session landing page:

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