You can export data from Anytime PT using Zapier.  

Zapier is free to join and can send data to more than 1,500 different platforms.  For this example, we'll be sending data to Google Sheets.

There are a number of steps, which have been broken into Part 1 and Part 2. It's an easy process, so stay calm! 😎

Part 1:  Connect Zapier to AnytimePT

  • Once you have created a Zapier account, use this link to get started.  AnytimePT connection.

  • Now let's get started.  Click 'Make a Zap':

  • Type 'Anytime'.  Select Welcome Fit - Anytime Fitness:

  • You can select a 'trigger event' which is what you want to report for.  The below example is for when a client completes a session.

  • You'll be asked to choose an account, which is your Anytime PT login.  You'll need to add your AnytimePT email address and password.

  • Enter your details and click Yes, Continue.

  • Zapier will connect to your account.  Click Continue.

  • Next, connect your team.  Your team name will load.  Select your team name and then 'Test Trigger' >> 'Continue' or 'Skip Test' >> 'Done Editing'.

  • The first part is now done.  Click 'continue' and we can tell Zapier where you want to send the data.

Part 2:  Connect a platform for reporting

  • Select where you want to send data.  In this example, we'll select Google Sheets, but you can export to almost any other platform you regularly use.

  • Select 'Do This' and then select Google Sheets (or your preferred platform).

  • Choose an 'Action'.  In this example, we want to create a new row of data for each completed session so we can reconcile at the end of the week.

  • Select the Google Sheets account you want to connect to.

  • An optional step.  You can link bits of data to the columns in the template or your own document or platform.  Note: 'Email' refers to the client's email.  When you;re done, or to skip, click 'Continue'.

  • Click 'Test and Continue'.

  • Click 'Done Editing

  • Click 'Turn Zap On' and we're done! 🎉  Each time a session is completed, the data will be sent as a new row in the Google Sheet's tap you selected.

  • This is how it will appear in your Zapier dashboard:

Data from your new Zap will update approximately every 15 mins if you are using Zapier's free plan.  Faster updates are available on their paid plans.

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