The marketplace is a page where your profile will be listed for clients to find and book new sessions.

It's important to stand out, and to provide high quality information to help prospective clients make the right choice.

Getting listed:

Your profile will be listed once you have: 

  • add a profile image in account settings, and upload a marketplace image in your profile page.

  • updated your profile page info, with your skills, a caption and your experience

  • set your availability.


  • Your promo image is very important.  Make it fun and show some personality.

  • Mirror selfies and close ups of your abs do not convert well.

  • The 'caption' you fill out in your profile page will appear with your marketplace listing.  Make it short and impactful so people can quickly understand why a workout with your will be great!

  • Make sure you're available at the times listed, to minimise rescheduling.  You can always delete scheduled session times from your dashboard, which will auto update your marketplace profile.

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